How To Fix Quadratus Lumborum Pain – Steps To Cure QL Pain!

Living with pain is exhausting, right? It’s just unendurable when it comes to the prime source of lower back pain like quadratus lumborum.

What Are Perfect Ways To Cure QL Pain?

Whether you play a job role that needs heavy lifting or leading a normal work life, quadratus lumborum pain is likely to bother you at some point in your life.

Whatever be the cause, the ones who are into this affliction consistently look for better ways to push the pain off and long to get back a healthy abdominal muscle. 

If you are the one who endures this pain and looking for the perfect ways to fix it, you’ve reached the right spot. Here, we’ll go through the best natural ways that work for all.

Perfect Ways To Cure QL Pain

What Is Quadratus Lumborum?

The Quadratus Lumborum (QL) is the deepest back muscle in the abdominal part of the lower back area in the human body. This muscle that starts from the lowest rib and ends at the posterior end of the pelvis aids in standing, sitting, and walking.  

The key function of the QL muscle is to keep the rib and the vertebral columns in a stabilized state during the spinal movement. It also offers high flexibility to the back as it holds the ability to stretch to any extension upon demand. 

When the abdominis start to act ideal at times, the lack of core stability forces the QL muscle to take over the function that makes them overactive. If this process repeats for a long time, it will end up in quadratus lumborum muscle pain that alters your physical well-being.  

Primary Reasons For The Quadratus Lumborum Pain

Here are the causes of QL pain in your lower back that you must know before swiftly entering into the ways to treat it.

1. Inactivity

Being inactive with nearly zero physical activity results in low blood flow throughout the body. This problem is mainly seen in youngsters as they do prefer sitting ideally with their phones or studies and demand the things they need right in place. The reduced blood flow to the muscles makes it difficult to move, which develops pain.

2. Overused Muscles

Like inactivity, over usage of the muscles leads to creating pain. All they need for the muscles to function right is a proper relaxing or resting time. Giving needless stress to the muscles by over bending, stretching, or lifting leads to muscle strain. Even practicing hardcore exercises by a beginner or an intermediate person will put their muscles at risk leading to unbearable pain. 

3. Tightening Of Hip And Glues

In the case of the hip and glutes on the lower back, if they get over tighten, the muscles face loads of pressure that keep them weak and gradually pull up the pain even during your rest times. 

4. Prolonged Static Posture

A prolonged static posture or an uneven posture will place your muscles feel stressed and strained. Whenever you give yourself a resting time, including sleeping, it must be by ensuring the correct posture in which all muscles get totally relaxed.

5. Physical Injuries 

Having any accident history or other external injuries that made the back muscles face some deformities can cause back pain. Without keeping it back on track or if not treated right, you probably worsen the condition; and if ignored, it leads to severe other health complications. 

Best Ways To Relieve Quadratus Lumborum Pain

You can adopt a wide range of methods to soothe your GI pain. In the matter of taking treatments for back pain, the majority score goes to natural remedies that ease the pain with no side effects.

Best Ways To Relieve Quadratus Lumborum Pain

Even if you are on existing medical treatment, the natural preventive tips can be taken along, and stick on to the best that works for you.

“Some of the effective natural pain-relieving strategies for GI pain include: “

  • Yoga And Meditation

Practicing suitable yoga poses and deep meditation makes you feel better from within by lowering the pain. If you make it a daily routine, it can do wonders to your whole body by evenly boosting the blood supply. Proper blood circulation to the muscles ensures its smooth functioning, making you healthy.

  • Massage Therapy

When you feel the QL pain is getting overwhelmed, massage is the perfect option you can pick. To give that deep massage to GL muscle, make sure you make an appointment with a chartered physiotherapist who can target the specific area and give relaxing massage treatments.

  • Strengthening Exercises

Other than stretching and working out common exercises, strengthening workouts is highly essential to keep in control of the frequency of pain. Getting guidance from a physiotherapist helps you find the most appropriate activities for your health to strengthen your lower back and core to prevent future QL pain. 

  • Applying Heat

Trying out heat on the area where you feel the pain, depending on its intensity, will enhance the flexibility of your muscle, providing short-term relief. Usually, it takes 10 – 15 minutes, but in case of severe pain, under the proper guidance of a medical practitioner, the duration of applying heat may take further long.


Quadratus lumborum pain can be in any phase, from mild to severe. The complications of this pain depend upon one’s health condition and how one treats them.

If you are currently facing lower back pain or in your abdominal area, it is indeed the pain of the QL muscle.

But this may not be the only reason for your pain, So it’s highly recommended to make an appointment with a medical practitioner who can find the root cause of your pain.

Along with the medical treatment your doctor prescribes, trying out the effective natural strategies discussed above will undoubtedly result in visible relief.

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