How To Choose The Right CBD Product For Your Pain?

How To Choose The Right CBD Product For Your Pain

Whether it is an online market or retail stores, the first and most accepted option for pain relief is CBD products. There are many new products emerging day by day. Happy customer reviews definitely add to the popularity too. Most of the companies and manufacturers of CBD products are proud to showcase third-party lab tests to prove the quality and authenticity of the product. Health is something that we cannot compromise. Thinking twice about a product before choosing it is wise. Here are a few steps and tips that you can follow while choosing a CBD product. 

Why CBD is used?

CBD products are gaining popularity as a wonderful remedy for many health problems that make lives worse. This promising solution has been effectively used for pain relief and mental relaxation. CBD products are available in different forms. You will be able to purchase edible gummies, ointments, cooling gel, cream, pain relief oil, lotion, skin patches, tinctures, patches, and balm. CBD products are considered to be the best solution for chronic pain, whatever the cause may be. They are widely being sued for stress, anxiety, and mental relaxation too. 

Why CBD is used

CBD and THC: Are you confused?

CBD or cannabidiol is directly derived from the hemp plant, which belongs to the species of marijuana (Cannabis sativa). CBD is free from THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive element of marijuana that provides the user with a high. CBD is one of the components among hundreds that are active in marijuana. It is not a version of marijuana. Even though the chemical structures are the same, CBD cannot have the same psychoactive effects as marijuana or THC. 

The legal side

The 2018 Farm Bill gave CBD products a new phase as the Controlled Substances Act relaxed hemp plants from the list of marijuana sources. The hemp-oriented CBD products with up to 0.3% THC became federally legal. If the quantity of THC crosses 0.3%, it will fall under the category of an illegal product under federal law.

As it comes under the jurisprudence of the state, it is necessary to know the state law to take a decision. It is hard to find FDA approval on the labels of CBD products as it does not fall under the category of FDA-approved products. Anyway, FDA products have a market throughout the country due to their potential health benefits. World Health Organization also takes a neutral stand towards CBD products saying it does not cause any problems related to mental as well as physical health. 

Choosing a CBD brand

The market for CBD products is very vast. To be on the safer side it is compulsory for each customer to choose a legally accepted, third-party tested, product that caters to the preferred dosage. It is recommended to consider the following things while choosing a CBD product. 

Choosing a CBD brand

  • Select the product as per your need

It is important to undergo a little groundwork before choosing a CBD product. Search for different products that cater to your need. CBD is masked in different forms – edibles and products for external use. It is also recommended to read through customer reviews to know more about it. For instance, for relief from chronic pain and anxiety, people usually rely on vaping products such as cigarettes and tinctures as they provide the person with quick relief. Lotions, ointments, creams, and other products take 30 minutes to get absorbed into the body and give your expected result. 

  • The THC content

THC content makes a CBD product different from a marijuana-based product. THC content determines the high and psychoactive effects. According to the experts, a very low quantity of THC can add to the therapeutic efficacy of a CBD product. Less than 0.3% is legally permitted in most states under federal law. For a person who is searching for a CHD product that will not cause high, it is recommended to choose a hemp-based product. They are easily available in retail stores as well as online platforms. It won’t be easy to find such a product as most hemp-based product doesn’t include the details of THC content on their label to avoid complications. If the state is not legalized medical marijuana, the products can be available only in the state-licensed dispensary legally. If you belong to Alaska, California, Colorado, Oregon, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Washington the product can be purchased without a prescription. 

  • Source of hemp

It is important to know the source of hemp from which CBD is derived. The major sources of hemp are Colorado, Oregon, and Kentucky where there is a law passed in 2013 to support hemp growers. Customers of CBD products should know the authenticity of the source to avoid pesticides and fertilizers causing side effects.

A chemically treated hemp plant cannot give us the expected result too. If the hemp source is international or overseas, as there are no legal restrictions for THC content, we should be more vigilant. Even though CBD products are not FDA-approved, the manufacturing facilities should be following GMP directions by FDA. A CBD product with pesticides, heavy metals, and mold may not cater to the need of the customer. It may cause long-term or short-term adverse effects

  • Third-party purity tests

It is mandatory to analyze the results of third-party lab test while opting for a CBD product as quality test determines the purity, sterility, and efficacy of the product. The product should come up with an accurate label on which content, purity test, and dosage should be clearly written.

The third-party lab should not have any tie-up with the manufacturers. A transparent and highly reputed company will provide the customer with a certificate of analysis (COA) along with the lab results. This information can be available on the product website for easy reference.

  • Examining the label

The label of a CBD product may have different terms and abbreviations that we are not familiar with. It is important to all of them. There are products that derived CBD through CO2 extraction instead of chemicals. It is a process of removing CBD and other unnecessary contents using high-pressure CO2 gas. Experts do not support that separation cannot be exclusively for CBD. Some other products are popular as they are derived from hemp oil. It likely leaves a chance of a CBD overdose. The manufacturers may mean THC oil by using the word hemp oil. It is advised to avoid hemp oil-based edible products. Cosmetics can opt to an extent.

  • Nothing to do with the health claims

It is important to take rational decisions when choosing a CBD product. You cannot get attracted to the advertisements or health claims by the manufacturers. The dramatic health claims are not real. Many products have been identified as fake or inappropriate by FDA after months of sales. 

Are there any side effects?

Consuming pure CBD is safe. It does not cause any long-term side effects if consumed in the prescribed dosage. Beginners of edible CBD products may have digestive issues, sleepiness, and fatigue. People below 21 and pregnant women are recommended to stay away from CBD products to avoid complications. It is necessary to get your healthcare provider’s opinion if you are undergoing a medical condition. 

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