Why Does Sneezing Hurt Your Lower Abdomen? Causes And Treatment Options!

Sneezing Hurt Your Lower Abdomen

Sneezing is a very common occurrence that we encounter in our life. We feel a sense of relief after sneezing. It may occur due to exposure to cold, substances like pepper, or if something is stuck in the nose. At times, continuous sneezing can cause pain and irritation in the body, especially in the lower part of the abdomen. In this article, let us see how sneezing results in sharp pain in the abdomen.

Sharp Pain In The Lower Abdomen When Sneezing – Serious Issue To Be Considered?

Sneezing is an involuntary action of the body to remove any form of irritants from the throat or nose. It happens all of a sudden. As stated before, this is a very common phenomenon, and most of the time it does not point to any serious health problems.

However, if you feel that your muscles are going into spasm whenever you sneeze or cough, you might be suffering from a hernia. 

One of the root causes of sneezing is being allergic to certain substances. These allergies can be from dust, pollen particles, etc. This may lead to asthma in some people. Constant sneezing might cause severe pain in the abdomen. Another common cause is the common cold or flu. Common cold or flu is experienced by all of us during different seasons. It results in sneezing and coughing. If the sneezing continues, the muscles will get sore and you begin to have pain in the ribs, abdomen, etc.

Sharp Pain In The Uterus When Sneezing

In most cases, natural remedies might help in getting rid of sneezing. Check that the filtering setup in your home is efficient.  If you have pet animals, keep them neat and clean. Dust mites can be killed by washing sheets and other linens in hot water, or water that is over 130°F (54.4°C). You could also invest in an air filtration system to purify the air in your home. In severe situations, you may need to get your home tested for mold spores, which could be the source of your sneezing. If your home or building becomes infested with mold, you may need to relocate.

How Sneezing Causes Lower Abdominal Pain?

Now, let us examine in detail how sneezing causes lower abdominal pain. While sneezing, the parts in the body that are responsible for the phenomenon are muscles in the abdominal area, rib muscles, and the diaphragm. When you sneeze continuously, the muscles function continuously and get irritated causing pain. This results in pain that arises in the abdomen. 

There is a rise in pressure that occurs in the lower abdomen when you sneeze continuously. This trigger reaches the abdominal wall and the pressure is exerted upon it. This is how sneezing causes pain in the abdomen. Continuous sneezing might increase the pain that already exists in the stomach.

How to treat the pain?

When people suffer from continuous sneezing, they search for ways to get rid of it such as treatments that are natural or allopathic. This is not an ideal search because sneezing might be caused due to various reasons. It is important to look out if it is a symptom pointing to some serious illness. So, diagnosis is necessary. Most of the time, it can be stopped by taking medications. Antihistamines and decongestants are two drugs that can help you stop sneezing. If your sneezing is caused by an allergy, staying away from allergens like pollen and animal dander can help. But, if sneezing doesn’t stop even after taking medicines, there might be some hidden health issues. So, instead of looking for medicines, go consult a physician if sneezing doesn’t stop in 3 to 4 days.

Final Verdict

So, it is clear that sneezing causes pain in the lower abdomen which is caused due to soreness in the muscles. It also disturbs the rib muscles and the diaphragm. Sneezing is not deadly, but ignoring it is not ideal. At times, sneezing might be a symptom of some serious illness like a sinus infection, an upper respiratory infection, etc. Always keep a check on your body and if the sneezing continues, it is safe to consult a doctor and get an expert opinion. 

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