PR: Breast Cancer Awareness


JOAN LUNDEN, featured in PainPathways Magazine, to Speak at NC Breast Cancer Awareness Event on October 13 Joan Lunden, breast cancer survivor, former Good Morning America host and the current cover feature of PainPathways Magazine, will speak at two events through – Friends for an Earlier Breast Cancer Test ®, a North Carolina–based nonprofit organization dedicated solely to funding … Read more

Managing Cancer Pain


“I don’t give up,” says Brian Bruel, MD, assistant professor of pain medicine at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, and president-elect of the Cancer Pain Research Consortium. “And my patients know that.” Many people who live with cancer and chronic pain and who come to the world-renowned MD Anderson have already seen … Read more

The Health Benefits of Tea


Ahhhh … a warm mug of tea can make you feel good on a cold day, but did you know tea is actually good for you? From cancer prevention and immune system support to controlling cholesterol and high blood pressure, there are many health benefits associated with drinking tea. Here’s what you need to know: … Read more