How To Get Rid Of A Headache

How To Get Rid Of A Headache

Presently, many people are suffering from headaches in a busy world, and it has become an increasing problem. Sometimes headaches occur due to natural conditions like a lack of sleep and stress, which also happen due to medical conditions. However, various types of treatments are available to reduce headaches and prescribed medicines. How To Get … Read more

Bellamy Young


Eighteen-hour workdays, in inconsistent food schedules, cringe-worthy lighting, and intense emotional situations. This describes the daily production environment for TV star Bellamy Young, who plays Mellie Grant on the hit show Scandal. And she loves every minute of it. Young, a native of North Carolina and a Yale alum, spent her post-college years working on Broadway, eventually … Read more

Got a headache? Try breathing!


Dr. Dawn C. Buse, PhD, recommends diaphragmatic breathing along with relaxation techniques to help the body relax and rid itself of pain.  We caught up with Dr. Buse to ask her more about her headache research, treatment philosophy and the guided imagery audio files she created to help pain sufferers. PP: Headaches have been around…forever!  Are there really more new … Read more