Practical Ways for Caregivers to Manage Medical Bills

As a caregiver, you probably have a lot on your plate. Everything from checking on your loved one to making medical decisions to buying groceries to everyone’s favorite – paying medical bills.

Caregiving for a loved one, especially one who is in chronic pain, can be a daunting and emotionally draining challenge. And making financial decisions for another person can be very overwhelming for even the savviest caregiver, particularly when it comes to health care.

However, there are simple steps caregivers, as well as patients, can do to manage paying medical bills and even reduce out-of-pocket expenses.

Here’s a real story about surprise bills and how to fight them: Don’t Pay that Medical Bill.

Besides saving on out-of-pocket expenses, there are ways you can Save on Prescriptions.

And if you want to learn from someone who has been through it all. Check out our Caregiving Facebook Chat transcript with Peter Rosenberger who has been a caregiver for almost 30 years.

Have you found ways to manage medical bills? If so, please share below.

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