Chronic Pain And Caregiving – How To Stay Connected?

Chronic Pain And Caregiving - How To Stay Connected

Sometimes, life may seem to be far worse than death for people suffering from severe chronic pain. If pain lasts longer than six months, it is called chronic pain. A significant proportion of the human population is suffering from chronic pain today, where most sufferers are above the age of 40. Chronic Pain And Caregiving … Read more

Lisa Niemi Swayze Talks About Caregiving in the Public Eye

Lisa Niemi Swayze Talks About Caregiving in the Public Eye

Lisa Niemi Swayze talks about caregiving in the public eye. Patrick Swayze was an image of vitality for most people, bursting into the public eye with iconic performances in movies like The Outsiders, Ghost, and Dirty Dancing. And for more than 34 years, Lisa Niemi Swayze was by his side — first as a girlfriend, then as a wife, and finally, … Read more

Leeza Gibbons on Caregiving


She’s a well-known television personality, new Rose Bowl Parade host, and an Emmy award winner, but Leeza Gibbons’ non-entertainment roles have introduced her to an entirely different audience of fans. As the founder of the Leeza Gibbons Memory Foundation, Leeza’s Place, and Leeza’s Care Connection, Gibbons has created a support network and programs for caregivers … Read more

Tips for Caregivers During the Holidays

Feeling overwhelmed? Here’s how to handle the stress. It’s easy for caregivers to get stressed out during the holiday season. As caregivers, many of us are already overwhelmed with our daily responsibilities, leaving us vulnerable when the stress of the holidays arrives. During this busy season, we can be tempted to increase unhealthy behavior—such as drinking more … Read more

Healthy Caregivers

While more than 65 million caregivers—and I am one of them—currently attend to the sickest in our country, statistics show that 72 percent of us fail to see our own physicians regularly. Do the math, and “Houston…we have a problem!” Caregivers interact with many doctors and often perform tasks previously taken care of by licensed … Read more

Caregiving and Opioids

Politicians, pharmaceutical companies, physicians, patients, attorneys, law enforcement and the common citizen have all weighed in on the public health emergency we know as the opioid crisis. Yet one demographic with significant input into this issue has received little or no mention in the discourse of chronic pain patients and opioids: the 65 million and growing … Read more

Caregiving and Laughter

When I first launched my radio show for caregivers, a group from AARP interviewed me and discussed the challenges of reaching family caregivers. One of them asked me, “Many people serve for years as a family caregiver, but somehow don’t identify themselves as such. How do you help people see themselves as caregivers?” For whatever … Read more

Caregivers and Resentment

Caregivers and Resentment

caregivers and resentmentResentment can be a regular companion for many caregivers. A deep-seated feeling of obligation can cause caregivers to drive themselves mercilessly with such internal commands such as “I have to, I must, I’m supposed to, I need to.” In addition, many caregivers permit others to reinforce these beliefs, allowing themselves to be emotional … Read more

Access to Care

Access to Care

When it comes to the challenges of working within the health care system, our family has gotten plenty of experience as we’ve dealt with my wife’s chronic pain: step therapy, delays in the authorization process, medications being moved to the “specialty tier” level—even being considered a drug seeker. Becoming an advocate includes having knowledge of … Read more

Practical Ways for Caregivers to Manage Medical Bills

As a caregiver, you probably have a lot on your plate. Everything from checking on your loved one to making medical decisions to buying groceries to everyone’s favorite – paying medical bills. Caregiving for a loved one, especially one who is in chronic pain, can be a daunting and emotionally draining challenge. And making financial decisions … Read more