Blacklist Royals


Anyone who has come home at the end of a tough day and relaxed to the sounds of a favorite song or artist knows that music is transformative, powerful. However, for Rob Rufus and his twin, Nat—principals of the punk rock group Blacklist Royals—music has also been the natural response to a life-altering event that … Read more

Inspiration For Pain Sufferers

Inspiration For Pain Sufferers

Inspiration…from whence does it come? And why do we need to be inspired? The word “inspiration” means to be “in spirit.” It is something that happens within, often because of stimuli that comes from outside. We frequently will see or hear something that illicits a response within us of feeling inspired. From this feeling of … Read more

Reflections: Inspiring Pathways

Managing Fibromyalgia Pain with Bunny Therapy: Unconditional love is a powerful tool in the struggle against chronic pain, something that Nancy Laracy learned from an unexpected source. At only 36 years old, Laracy developed excruciating pain and fatigue from parvovirus and fibromyalgia. These conditions initially derailed her everyday life, but she soon found an unexpectedly effective … Read more