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Inspiration For Pain Sufferers

Inspiration For Pain Sufferers

Inspiration…from whence does it come? And why do we need to be inspired?

The word “inspiration” means to be “in spirit.” It is something that happens within, often because of stimuli that comes from outside. We frequently will see or hear something that illicits a response within us of feeling inspired. From this feeling of inspiration can come new ideas, new ways of behaving, and fresh perspective. For this reason, many of us crave inspiration on a regular basis.

For pain sufferers, inspiration often serves the purpose of providing comfort, hope, and motivation to keep going, despite how one may be feeling at a given moment. With the advent of social media, folks get “inspiration” delivered right to their computer or cell phone. If you are a regular on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram…you are familiar with this.

Many very creative people have taken the time to research inspiring speakers, gifted storytellers, and even the bible to find words of wisdom – and inspiration – that can be paired with imagery that provides the viewer a visual presentation of “inspiration.” How many times have you seen an image/words pairing that generated that feeling of inspiration within yourself?

Like many others, PainPathways attempts to spread inspiration regularly through sharing content on our Facebook page and through a self-titled board on Pinterest.

We’ve taken a turn at creating our own inspiring images by pairing famous quotes with the beautiful images of photographer, Benita Van Winkle.  Ms. Van Winkle’s photos grace the pages of our magazine and were showcased in an online article here last year.  Enjoy – and pass on the inspiration by sharing this article through social media or “pinning” its photos to your own Pinterest boards.

And if you want to turn your photos into inspiring images, here are a few tips:

  1. Check out Goodreads for inspiring quotes specific to pain
  2. Once you find some you like, head over to PicMonkey to pair your quotes and pictures
  3. Upload a photo from your computer and use the tool to add the quote, photo filters and embellishments
  4. Save, share through social media…and see what happens!

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PainPathways Magazine

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