How Can CBD Help With Nerve Pain? | Is It Effective?

How Can CBD Help With Nerve Pain

Neuropathic pain is an injury or disease caused when a health condition affects the nervous system. Nerve pain is a particular type of pain that is different from other pain due to injury, pressure, burn, etc. Traditional painkillers such as paracetamol, codeine, or anti-inflammatories usually do not help effectively to eradicate nerve pain. These straightforward methods are often ineffective and can lead to side effects in people.   

Recent discoveries uncover evidence for using cannabis as an alternative option to treat neuropathic pain without severe side effects. Cannabis has many benefits and has been used as medicine for decades. While there are a hundred cannabinoids, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) are the two main components emerging as pharmaceutical agents to treat physical and mental illnesses.

Unfortunately, there is a lack of quality studies on the effectiveness of CBD and how it reacts in the body.  But there are a lot of combination medications containing CBD and THC to treat certain types of pain, including neuropathic pain with optimum side effects. Even though these medications can provide numerous health benefits, we should look into more detail and the properties of cannabis before using it. The article encompasses detailed information about the use of CBD to treat Neuropathic pain.

Is It Effective To Use CBD For Nerve Pain?

CBD is a compound of the Cannabis Sativa plant that can treat various illnesses in the body. Even though CBD is the primary cannabinoid in hemp, it does not have a mind-altering effect or does not perform psychoactive properties. CBD is legal in many countries as it does not make people high as THC. 

Is It Effective To Use CBD For Nerve Pain

CBD provides pain-relieving effects through its various interactions in the body. It modulates the endocannabinoid, nociceptive, and inflammatory systems. Before understanding the working of CBD, it is necessary to understand what your endocannabinoid system (ECS) is. It is a group of complex networks of enzymes, receptors, and lipids responsible for creating and maintaining balance in the body.

ECS comprises natural cannabinoids, called endocannabinoids, that help to regulate pain sensation. But sometimes, our body has a deficiency and needs more performance support. CBD works by blocking the breakdown of natural cannabinoids by modulating receptors in our bodies. So, it is used as a supplement to control the levels of endocannabinoids and their deficiency, which can cause sleep issues, pain, inflammation, memory problems, and many more. 

Nerve Pain or Neuropathic Pain

Nerve Pain or neuropathic pain comes from the nerve that carries signals from the brain to other body parts. People with nerve pain feel burning, prickling, and tingling sensations all day. When the nerves that send pain signals to the brain get damaged, the system stops working, and chronic pain may appear.

This condition is usually chronic and caused by a nerve disease or an injury or inflammation in the body parts. Nerve pain can lead a person to several conditions such as memory loss and sensory damage, and affects the nerve that controls the functions such as digestion, heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, and urination.   

Symptoms of nerve pain

Nerve pain can affect the lifestyle of people in many ways. Pain can be an indication of several illnesses, but it should be treated when it gets out of hand. Some symptoms can help you to identify diseases or illnesses in the body. In the case of nerve pain, the symptoms of this condition may vary from person to person. The common symptoms of neuropathic pain are:  

  • Sharp and burning pain.
  • Strengthless muscles lead to balance problems and walking difficulties.
  • Temperature extremities.
  • Low blood pressure.
  • Fibromyalgia.
  • Balance loss.

Cause of Nerve Pain

Neuropathy pains are caused due to many reasons. When any of the nerves of the brain get damaged, they stop functioning and become the reason for additional health problems. The cause of nerve pain in every person is not the same. It can be affected according to their previous health conditions, medication, lifestyle, and traumas.

  • Diabetes.
  • Disorders of the central nervous system such as Parkinson, multiple sclerosis, etc.
  • Side effects of radiation therapy.
  • Nerve damages caused by trauma or surgeries.
  • Due to injuries to the brain, spine, or nerves.
  • Vitamin B12 and thiamine deficiency.
  • Poor blood circulation in the nerves. 

CBD for nerve pain

Along with the numerous health benefits, CBD can consider an effective treatment for nerve pain. CBD helps to bind cannabinoid receptors found in the body. It works with the ECS to produce beneficial results to improve a person’s daily activities. The endocannabinoid system plays a role in regulating bodily functions, including pain perception. THC and CBD target the cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2 in the body. Many studies suggest that cannabinoids repair the damage and improve the functions of receptors. CBD can control the CB1 receptors and slow the body’s pain perception. It also aids the CB2 receptors to reduce the overall pain perceptions that occur for various reasons.   

Health benefits of CBD associated with Nerve Pain.

Nerve pain has different symptoms for different people. Often it feels like a shooting, stabbing, or burning sensation. In some people, this condition causes a sharp and sudden electric shock. People with neuropathic pain are sensitive and even a single touch makes them irritated. Apart from physical problems, people also have mental issues such as extreme mood swings, anxiety, depression, and memory loss. This condition can also interfere with the sleep, sex, and exercise of the patients. 

 Using CBD not only helps to reduce the pain in the body but also helps to:

  • Reduce inflammation: the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties in CBD helps to treat neuropathy symptoms like tingling or numbness caused by the damaged cells.
  • Provide better sleep: the properties present in the CBD make people relaxed and settle their minds to have deep sleep. It is proven that after using CBD people had stress and pain-free sleep.  
  • Improve mood: as we know, nerve damages affect the mental state of a person, CBD can improve mood disorder that occurs along with chronic pain. 
  • Ease diabetic complications: CBD can improve high glucose levels in human cells by blocking the development of diabetes and various complications. CBD can be used as a natural treatment for diabetes by helping the body to regulate insulin and hormone levels.

What kind of CBD is preferred for nerve pain?

Medical cannabis is used for many illnesses. There are different ways to use CBD to treat nerve pain.

  • Cannabis oil – cannabis oil is used for various diseases, and it is the most flexible and effective method for people who do not like to smoke cannabis.  Patients consume the oil orally in a required dosage. 
  • Vaporized–smoked cannabis is another method to eradicate pain in various body parts. This alternative is useful while no smoking is involved.
  • Edibles – you can also consume cannabis in any edible form. It won’t be effective like other methods. The process of pain relief is slower when you consume it in the form of cookies or gummies. 

The cannabis should be consumed in the correct dose according to the patient’s weight, age, and health condition. It is always better to start with a low dosage and slowly increase it as a requirement. 

Risk and side effects of CBD

We cannot say that all the drugs we use to treat health problems provide only benefits, they can also cause side effects in people. The side effects of using CBD can vary from person to person depending on their age, weight, and health condition. Generally, CBD is considered a safe substance when taken to treat health issues. However, we cannot neglect the potential side effects caused by using this substance. But the majority of them are mild and do not cause other serious illnesses. 

The common defects or side effects of CBD are:

  • Fatigue or drowsiness.
  • Appetite issues.
  • Irritation in the mouth.
  • Diarrhea.
  • The properties of CBD can interact with other medicines.


As many people moved towards natural alternatives to treat nerve pain, CBD can offer widespread relief without any side effects. CBD promises to manage the symptoms of nerve pain effectively. People who suffer from the symptoms of nerve pain such as chronic pain in different body parts and burning sensation in the affected area are relieved with the cannabinoids.   

Even though CBD offers several health benefits, still, there is a need for more quality research to include cannabis as a standard treatment for nerve-related problems. It is necessary to understand its benefit fully to use it as an alternative for several illnesses. It is always better to consult a doctor to know more about your problem and the perfect dosage of CBD. The doctor can also recommend certain CBD-containing products that align with your needs and requirements. The best way to take medical cannabis depends on your individual needs and preferences. Many countries legally accept CBD for medical purposes due to its numerous health benefits. But due to a lack of scientific evidence, some countries consider these dangerous drugs and impose penalties for growing or using cannabis plants. 

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