Can CBD Help People Manage Chronic Pain?

Can CBD Help People Manage Chronic Pain

Are you suffering from chronic pain?

When the pain you experience persists beyond the normal recovery period, You are said to be experiencing chronic pain. Chronic pain affects your quality of life and prevents you from enjoying the present. By interfering with your daily life, chronic pain affects your mental health in addition to affecting your physical health. 

In general, when your pain exists for over three continuous months, you are said to be in chronic pain. According to the National Center For Health Statistics, in 2019, 20.4% of adults were experiencing chronic pain, of which 7.4% had chronic pain that limited their life and work activities, making it one of the most challenging conditions to treat.

Scientists and Medical experts have conducted a series of experiments and research in finding a cure to treat Chronic pain and have found that CBD, commonly known as cannabidiol helps treat Chronic pain.

Why Is CBD Used For Chronic Pain?

CBD is a powerful analgesic and has been used in multiple clinical trials for cancer-related pain. In 2019 several research was conducted where CBD was used as a key component to address chronic pain and the studies have concluded that CBD is an “Effective and well-tolerated add-on treatment”. 

Severe chronic pain stemming from various ailments can be effectively treated using CBD. From addressing your affected body tissues to treating your damaged nerves, CBD is a one-stop solution for treating chronic pain. 

Why Is CBD Used For Chronic Pain

How does CBD relieve chronic pain?

Have you wondered how your body sends signals to different organs and completes every task promptly? This happens with the help of receptors present in your endocannabinoid system. These receptors are responsible for signaling your bodily functions. CBD interacts with these receptors in your body and subsides your pain gradually.

CBD has provided promising results as an analgesic or a pain killer and has helped numerous people to move ahead with their life happily without constant pain holding them back. Several forms of CBD are available in the market today from CBD painkillers to CBD oils, CBD creams, and CBD sticks. Although CBD oral prescription is available only in extreme cases like treating cancer pain, sclerosis, and so on, even topical application of CBD has produced significant results in alleviating pain. 

De Vita has described pain as a complex phenomenon that has several dimensions influenced by psychological and biological factors. By targeting these psychological and biological factors, CBD eases your pain.

According to a recent Forbes Health Survey, out of 2000 US Adults, 64% use CBD regularly to relieve their pain. The survey results show that 62% use CBD to reduce stress, 60% of them use CBD to get pain relief, 58% use CBD to improve their sleep quality and 48% of the medical experts have suggested CBD as a medical treatment to manage chronic pain. CBD has proven to be of medicinal benefit in addition to relieving pain.

During the pre-clinical trials, it was noted that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and is best suitable for joint-related pains including arthritis. Any pain, swelling, or stiffness in your joints can be treated effectively with CBD.

Most people suffering from chronic pain rely on habit-forming drugs to ease their pain temporarily and CBD addresses this issue as it has the ability to treat your pain from the roots without making you addicted. Habit-forming drugs often possess inherent side effects that detriment your life and CBD prevents this issue. CBD is neither addictive nor habit-forming. CBD is a chemical component found in hemp plants and reduces pain, inflammation, and overall discomfort in your body. 

Studies conducted on CBD have proven that CBD is an effective pain management ingredient that figures out the root cause of pain and targets them instead of offering temporary pain relief. By interacting with the endocannabinoid receptors in your brain and immune system, CBD creates an anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect in your cells and prevents chronic pain. 

From treating cancer pain to fibromyalgia, medical experts have tested CBD to treat various ailments and have concluded CBD is effective in overall pain management and does not contain any added side effects. 

The multiple benefits of CBD have led the National Cancer Institute to use CBD for reducing the side effects of chemotherapy. Medical experts use CBD to address chemotherapy symptoms including lack of appetite, pain, vomiting, and so on and CBD oral sprays have proven to be more effective than habit-forming drugs as per the observations of the medical experts. 

CBD has been known to lessen the intensity of migraine and when combined with THC, it is the best option to treat cluster headaches and genetic headaches. 

CBD is also known to reduce the damage in your nervous system, including the tingling and numbness in your nerves. CBD has been used in treating Multiple Sclerosis, a common cause of neuropathic pain, since its initial testing stage and has proven to be a great success in clinical trials. Even as a topical application, CBD has shown positive results in significantly reducing the intensity of pain by sending information all over your body via the central nervous system. 

Since CBD has the power to interact with the receptors in your brain, it can effectively regulate your mood and maintain the balance and energy levels in your body. Inflammation is the root cause of all pain and by tackling inflammation effectively, CBD helps reduce chronic pain in your body. 

Today CBD is combined with several carrier oils to serve different purposes. For instance, to treat anxiety and insomnia, CBD is usually combined with lavender oil. To treat skin disorders, CBD is combined with shea butter and beeswax, which promotes the quality of your skin and offers instant hydration and nourishment. CBD is enriched with therapeutic properties that help serve multiple purposes and this has made this an alternative approach to a wide range of medical conditions in recent times. 

By working with your body’s natural Cell-Signaling network, CBD influences several aspects of your body including controlling the fluctuations in your mood, preventing inflammation, improving your appetite and quality of sleep, and most importantly reduction of pain. 

According to the World Health Organization, CBD does not have any indications of abuse or dependence potential in human beings and no public-related health problems have arisen due to the usage of CBD, making it one of the safest substances to use to treat chronic pain.  

To promote awareness of CBD, the US has dedicated August 8 as the National CBD Day. Several forms of CBD are available today to meet the requirements of every individual. To treat your pain and promote your skin health, you can use CBD sticks or CBD creams. To ease your migraine or joint pains, you can use CBD oils. To find an alternative source for your pain relief medicines, you can choose CBD gummies. To ease up your anxiety and promote your sleep quality, you can use CBD roll-ons. Gone are the days when you had to suffer unbearable pain every day. Today with the effective use of CBD, you can say goodbye to your chronic pain once and forever. 

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