How To Relieve Jaw Pain From A Sinus Infection? Effective Strategies And Remedies

Relieve Jaw Pain From A Sinus Infection

If you are someone who has been facing jaw pain recently but cannot figure out what is the cause behind it then you have to take sinus infection into consideration.

Many people face the issue of severe jaw pain, making it hard to pay attention to anything else. The jaw pain is not only severe but also sharp making it very uncomfortable to move out of it without the right treatment. 

About Sinus Infection And Remedies

There are different aspects to this kind of pain and it is often hard to figure out the true signs of this ache. It becomes hard for people to find out that they are facing pain just because of a nasal sinus infection and they have to adopt the right diagnostics to overcome it. It can also cause severe headaches and will require you to go for the right medical care. 

Relieve Jaw Pain From Sinus Infection

In the article ahead we are going to cover its details and all the different aspects to provide you with the right knowledge regarding the subject.

Many people are generally diagnosed with a sinus infection, which might keep you wondering what a sinus infection is. Sinus infection is a kind of swelling or inflammation in your Sinus which are empty spaces between your eyes, behind your cheekbones, and on your forehead that is there for a very specific function.

The sinus is filled with moist air generally for a healthy individual but at times it produces mucus to clean out the nasal tract. During that process, if your Sinus is filled with mucus for long enough and develops an infection due to germs Sinus tract can face minor swelling and that can cause serious trouble in the long run.

There could be different causes of sinus infections depending upon the problems that the patient has been facing. However, one of the most common causes of developing a sinus infection has been the common cold. While the common cold causes the mucus to last in the nasal cavity for longer durations, it creates the situation of developing an infection in the sinus area.

However, tooth pain caused by sinus infection is usually caused by sinus pressure due to swelling. Apart from that drainage from the sinus infection can also be a cause of a painful toothache.

There are a lot of signs by which you can figure out that you have a sinus infection as it is not too hard to spot. One of the most common ways to figure it out is by observing the tenderness around your nasal cavity, your eyes, or your jaw. Other signs that can signal a sinus infection include having unclear mucus and bad-tasting nasal breath. These are some of the most prominent signs that a patient observes while facing a sinus infection.

Patients can also feel a severe headache and pain in the jaw. Some people also have to face a mild fever and tiredness.

As per the medical experts, there are different ways in which sinus infection and sinus headaches can be diagnosed. It is critically important to diagnose sinus headaches as they can cause a long-lasting impact on the person’s overall health.

One of the most prominent ways to diagnose sinus headaches is to observe the CT scan of the patient by an expert. A CT scan is formulated by multiple X-ray images and helps the matter expert to understand the situation without any confusion. Other than that Magnetic resonance imaging or MRI is also used to diagnose sinus headaches by developing cross-sectional images with image radiations.

As per the matter experts, a lot of easy methods are suggested to get rid of sinus infections diagnosed in the earlier stages. However, if the infections grow beyond a certain point, they will become hard to control without surgery.
Some of the most common ways to tackle the sinus infection include drinking a lot of fresh water and warm if possible so that your sinus spaces can create fresh mucus and auto-clean the infected mucus in your tracts. It will allow you to develop safe moisture again and get better with the infection without taking any medications. You can also include steam in your personal treatment and a Neti pot to speed up the recovery process.

Can A Sinus Infection Make Your Jaw Hurt?

Yes, a sinus infection can surely make your jaw hurt but it will not be as easy as it sounds to figure out that your pain is because of a sinus infection. However, the most common area where sinus infection hurts most of the diagnosed patients is the upper jaw which makes it hard for them to eat and drink comfortably.

In some cases, patients have to undergo sinus surgery which is not only time-consuming in terms of recovery but also can cost hundreds of dollars. Thus, is advised to adopt the required methods and recover as early as possible using home remedies.

Sinus Jaw Pain Symptoms

There could be multiple symptoms of sinus jaw pain some are more visible and easier to spot than others. Explicitly, the most common symptom is a severe sharp pain in the upper jaw or any specific tooth. Apart from that, frequent cold and nose blockades have also been observed in the patients.

One can also observe constant facial pain which is not only unproductive but can make things worse for someone who is facing regular nasal discharge as it is also a symptom of sinus jaw pain. Facing pain in the pressure points in your mouth, especially between the teeth is one of the most common symptoms.

When To See S Doctor For Sinus Jaw Pain?

It is critical to decide the right time to see a doctor while facing sinus jaw pain. Most of us try to fix everything on our own which might be a good trait in some aspects of life but when it comes to our most valuable assets, our body then we have to make sure that we are taking expert advice.

It is wise to reach out to a dentist as soon as you face any kind of pain in your tooth. You can also wait for a day or two if the pain is not too serious, however, if the pain is making it hard for you to focus on anything else then you should visit a doctor as soon as possible.

Sinus Jaw Pain

Doctors can assist patients in figuring out their problems exactly and pinpoint the things that need to be addressed immediately. You can reach out to a general physician if you do not have access to an expert and they can refer you to someone who is an expert in sinus infections.

Is A Sinus Headache Painful?

If you are wondering if sinus headaches are painful enough and do you really need to reach out to a doctor for it then this segment is for you.

As we have told previously, the headaches caused by the sinus are not only painful but really uncomfortable for the patient as it is usually accompanied by cold and nasal flow. All of these combined make it hard for the patient to focus on anything else other than the headache.

Sometimes the headaches can grow to be painful enough for the patients to reach out to the doctors in an emergency but that is not very common.

The worst-case scenario for a sinus headache can be surgery for the patient in which the infection is treated once in for all. However, we advise the readers to avoid reaching that stage in which they have to undergo surgery and reach out to their doctors as soon as they figure out that they are facing a sinus headache.

Sinus Jaw Pain Relief

It can be really hard for people who are facing sinus jaw pain to overcome it without going to the doctors and the right medication. This segment of the article is going to discuss some of the key methods that you can adopt to tackle sinus jaw pain in a better way.

Note: We do not advise the readers to believe anything random on the internet in the name of home remedies and confirm with their doctors before going forward with any kind of treatment.

These are some of the best ways to go to move forward with your sinus jaw pain. They are not only effective but also safe for you to deal with the pain.

Sinus Jaw Pain Relief

Home Remedies

We do not have to press upon the effectiveness of some of the most common and medically accepted home remedies that can make things easier for patients to deal with sinus jaw pain. If you are adopting the right methods at the right point in time then home remedies become as effective as any other medications present in the industry.

Rightly used remedies can also allow you to avoid surgery and make things get better slowly. However, we are repeating again that home remedies cannot replace the advice of a doctor and you must confirm with the doctor before adopting any home remedy which is not too common.

Some of the most common home remedies for sinus jaw pain are as follows:

👉You have to increase your water intake as you move ahead with your sinus jaw pain treatment as it will provide you with the moisture required during the treatment

👉You can also include regular steam sessions to remove the mucus blockage and get away with the cold to make things easier for you

👉You can also take a saline spray and use it to flush your mouth. You can also use warm water with salt to flush around your mouth, especially in the infected area. It will assist you to reduce the sinus pressure around your jaw

👉Going off from work for some time can also allow your body to recover on its own. Thus, we advise you to take the proper rest if you are facing sinus jaw pain.

👉Another key component for an efficient sinus jaw pain treatment is to include regular exercise in your daily routine.


If you are facing severe sinus jaw pain then we advise you to reach out to your doctor and discuss if your condition will require proper medication. If your doctor thinks that your condition needs immediate medication then you must go for it. Right medication which also includes painkillers, allows you to reduce your sinus jaw pain for short durations or at least during the entire treatment.

Apart from medications, patients are also advised to take all the necessary precautions and avoid certain kinds of food during the treatment. If you are going for a medication then make sure that you are following all the things mentioned by your doctor and taking good care of yourself.


Even after prolonged medication, if you are not able to see any improvement in your condition then your doctor will most probably refer you to sinus surgery to get rid of your sinus jaw pain. This sinus surgery is not too big of a deal unless you have a phobia of medical operations.

Endoscopic sinus surgery is the way to go for those who are facing sinus jaw pain which is incurable by the medication. There could be some complications such as bleeding after the surgery but if you are getting admitted into a hospital then it becomes your responsibility to deal with these complications. Just make sure that you are mentally ready for surgery and have someone beside you to take care of you.

How Long Does Jaw Pain Last With A Sinus Infection?

There is not a fixed standard for people to get better but most people show a decent recovery within a week to 10 days. However, if your condition is too critical and requires surgery then it will mean that you are going to take longer than 10 days to recover.

How Do I Know If It’s Sinus Or Normal Jaw Pain?

This is one of the most common points of confusion for those who are facing jaw pain. The best thing you can do is to reach out to your dentist and share your problem with an expert. However, most people also face colds and nose blockades while dealing with severe jaw pain.

What’s The Difference Between A Sinus Headache And A Migraine?
Another point of confusion among the masses is the difference between sinus headaches and migraine. Most people confuse them and treat one for the other. To confirm your case, you have to know where you are feeling the pain. Most of the sinus pains are around the face causing the headache. However, if you are facing a migraine then it will be around your temples, top of the head, or at the backside of your neck. Both are different medical situations and thus must be treated differently.

What’s The Difference Between A Sinus And Regular Toothache?

Sinus toothache and regular toothache are different in the way that most of the pain is distributed around the face in case of a sinus infection. However, if you are facing pain that is around the teeth and causing discomfort only around them then you know that is a regular toothache.

How To Identify Whether I Have Sinus Or COVID-19?

The easiest way to identify this is to get tested for COVID-19 and confirm if you are having COVID or sinus infection. It is also possible that you will have both of them so it is advised to reach out to a medical professional if you are doubtful.

The Bottom Line

Most people at some point in time have to face a sinus infection however, most of them never come to realize that. Our bodies are designed to take care of it by themselves by running on auto-pilot mode. Hence, if you are facing a minor cold or toothache then it is not a clear signal of having a sinus infection. But if you are facing the above-mentioned conditions constantly then you must visit your doctor and discuss your conditions in detail.

Getting your CT scan and MRI done will allow you to have a clear picture of things, making it easier for your doctor to treat your sinus jaw pain. Thus, reaching out to your doctor is something that should be your priority. You can also choose to maintain a clean diet and regular exercise during your treatment.

In the article above we tried to sum up all the details required to know about your sinus jaw pain. We hope that it will be able to answer most of your questions and make it easier for you to treat them. We again advise the readers to prioritize the advice of their doctors over any information available on the internet.

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