Pelvic Pain In Men – Causes, Symptoms And Treatment


The Pelvic is a complex structure of bones in the human body that connects the body and legs. This acts as a shell to protect the intestine, bladder, and reproductive organs. Pelvic pain is a common disorder in males and females.

What is Pelvic Pain In Men? 

It is commonly noted as a sudden pain in the pelvic area along with some other common symptoms such as difficulty in urination, abdominal pain, pain during ejaculation and problems with erection, chills, body ache, bloodstain in semen, and pain in the lower back area. 

Pelvic Pain in Men – Causes

As the pelvis is a complex body area including reproductive, digestive, and excretory urinary organs in it, it is very difficult to predict the cause or reason for pelvic pain. It can be mild irritation or pain in the area or severe pain. Always better to consult a doctor immediately to avoid complications. 

By the way to the hospital, you can try home remedies like a heating pad to reduce the intensity of pain. A heating pad can make you a bit comfortable with temporary relief. 

What causes pelvic pain in men?

Usually, pelvic pain comes along with a few other symptoms that may give you a clue about the cause of the pain. There are so many possible common causes.

Kidney stones or bacterial infection: Kidney stones or kidney infections are so common. According to surveys, one in ten people faces the trouble of kidney stones at some point in their life span. Kidney stones are more common in men than women. From 1970 to 2000, the number of people suffering kidney stones and related problems in the United States increased from 3.8 % to 8.8%. It is the precipitation of calcium and uric acid which forms rock-like matters in kidneys or related organs. 

The stone starts to trouble the patient when it starts moving. This causes severe pelvic pain along with blood in urine, difficulty in urination, nausea, vomiting, and all. Kidney stone pain usually feels in your side and back sometimes transferring to the belly and groin.

Bacterial infections on the kidney can also cause trouble with similar symptoms.

UTI: Although UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) is common in females it can be seen in males too. The urinary system is a complex one with kidneys, ureter, bladder, and urethra in it. Infection in any of these organs can cause pelvic pain. Other common symptoms of Urinary Tract Infection in males are Bloody urine, frequent and painful urination, foul-smelling urine, and fever.

Cystitis: Cystitis is bladder inflammation usually followed by a severe UTI. This is a very painful situation. Bladder inflammation can be an aftereffect of intake of certain chemical products or medicines, radiation treatment, long term use of catheters. Symptoms include painful and frequent urination, presence of blood in urine, Color change, and foul smell of urine.

Prostatitis: The prostate is semen producing gland in the male body. It helps in nourishing and transporting the semen. The swelling or inflammation in the prostate gland is called prostatitis. It is a very difficult situation. Along with severe pain, there the person will be suffering from difficulty in urination (pain and burning sensation), frequent urination with urgent need. Other symptoms are cloudy urine with bloodstains in it, Fever, Pain in the penis or testicles, painful ejaculation, etc. Prostatitis is common in men around 50. 

Hernia: Hernia is a state that occurs mostly in the abdominal cavity. Here an internal organ or part of the organ extends beyond or above the surface of the muscle or tissue which covered it. Normally hernia occurs in the pelvic area. As a result, a moving bulge is visible in the affected area and often disappears. According to the available medical statistics, more than 20 million hernia patients undergo surgery per year worldwide. Common symptoms are, a paining swelling or bulge in the abdominal area ( especially on or around genital organs) which increases its size over time, digestive problems such as bowel obstruction, groin weakness, pain while laughing, crying, or shouting.

Appendicitis: Appendicitis is the infection or inflammation of the appendix, the small tube-like attachment of the large intestine. The primary symptom of appendicitis is severe pain in the abdominal area. Appetite loss, bowel blockage, loose motion, nausea and vomiting, swelling of abdominal part, fever. Mostly appendicitis is diagnosed in the acute stage.

Infection of sexual organs: Sexual hygiene is very important when it comes to health. Sexual organs get infected easily if there is a lack of hygiene. Sexually transmitted infections can be the cause of pelvic pain. People get infected with diseases like gonorrhea which causes pelvic pain. Symptoms are penis discharge, painful urination, and pain in genital parts.

How to treat?

Pelvic pain in men is very common and is rooted in different causes. Digestive, reproductive, or urinary organs can cause pain as a symptom of various diseases. There are diseases ranging from easily curable and complicated. Immediate consultation is necessary to diagnose the situation if the pain is severe in order to prevent complications. However, using a hot pad can reduce the pain to an extent whatever the reason is. You can also try OTC medicines like Panadol and Ibuprofen for pain relief. 

You may get pain relief after using a hot bag or OTC medicines. Anyway treating the cause is very important for your overall health. Urinary Tract Infection, sexually transmitted infections like gonorrhea and prostatitis can be cured by a particular course of antibiotics as per the instruction of your doctor. Whereas, diseases like appendicitis, hernia, kidney stones, and all cannot be cured over the medicines in the acute stage. Then doctors can suggest surgery to get rid of the pain and cause. 



In most cases, abdominal pain is common and easily curable. But in some stages, when it is a symbol of a disease in its acute stage, it is compulsory to take immediate action. So, it is not good to avoid the pelvis pain that chases you in a particular interval. Consulting a doctor and taking needed medication or procedures is very important to keep yourself healthy. 

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