How Can I Relieve Buttock Pain? Reasons And Useful Remedies

Buttock Pain-Things To Worry

No wonder nowadays body pain is increasingly seen and it does not leave even youngsters. Lifestyle and unhealthy habits are the main culprits of this.

Should I Be Worried About This?

None wants to use their energy in today’s world. They are busy working with their brain and indulging in manufacturing more and more machines to make man’s tasks easy.

Buttock Pain Reasons And Useful Remedies

People don’t want to pull out their heads from computers and mobile phones. In this lazy world, even though everyone is ready to work with their brain, none wants to move their body. As a result, many are suffering from several illnesses including buttock pain. 

But usually, buttock pain is a pain that we don’t give enough attention to. In fact, any pain will become severe if left unbothered. Buttock pain includes all the pains in the buttock area. Buttock contains gluteal muscles and fat.

Gluteal muscles consist of several nerves such as sciatic nerves. These muscles and nerves help in the movement of legs and hips, in turn, enabling you to stand up by supporting your body. If any injury occurs to these muscles or nerves, it leads to buttock pain.

Your work may also be a fact that puts you in trouble. If you are working in an office you might have to sit in the same posture for at least eight hours per day. Sitting in a bad posture for a long time can weaken the gluteal muscles leading to buttock pain.

In minor injuries, buttock pain may occur and disappear instantly. It may be in the form of shocking waves, numbness, or pressure in the buttocks. But there are other severe causes which are discussed below.

The Main Cause Of Buttock Pain

The main cause of buttock pain is poor sitting posture itself. If it is not treated or corrected in the early stage, it may lead to several other causes too. They are:

  • Sciatica – We have already spoken about the sciatica nerve located in the buttocks. The sciatic nerve is the long nerve that starts from the lower part of the spine to the bottom of both legs. The pain occurs when pressure is exerted on the sciatic nerve due to some injury, inflammation in joints, disc problems, etc. the sciatic pain is felt from the lower back to the buttocks and sometimes it flows down to the legs.
  • Piriformis Syndrome – The piriformis muscle is the small, triangular muscle in the gluteal region of the buttocks that extend from the spine to the lower portion of the thigh bone. When it is compressed by a force, the pain will occur and it is called piriformis syndrome. You will experience pain in the buttocks, lower back of the legs, and thighs. This syndrome is seen in athletes and runners.
  • Coccydynia – When your sitting posture is poor or you have been in the same posture for a long time, your tailbone also known as coccyx will get injured and pain is experienced. This condition is called coccydynia. The pain will include lower back pain and buttock pain. It is seen in-office employees who have to sit on an uncomfortable or unsupportive office chair for a prolonged period. This pain will get better by changing the posture or by standing and walking.
  • Bruising – When you sit on a hard, uncomfortable seat with no support for a long time, your blood vessels will break and burst under the skin leading to bruising buttocks. You will feel constant buttock pain and find purple coloration.
  • Arthritis – Arthritis is another cause of buttock pain. When arthritis occurs, your back disc shrinks, and your spine will experience pressure from the bones. This causes pain in the buttocks and legs. Pain may worsen if you sit on the ground, bend over or lift heavy weights. Apart from pain you also feel numbness and tingling in your legs.

How Long Does Buttock Pain Last?

Depending on the medical condition and treatment the relieving time will vary. The sciatica pain will vanish within 4-6 weeks if treated at the correct time. In certain situations, the buttock pain will get better by simply changing the posture or by taking a walk. On the other hand, some pain will hit back after disappearing and accompany you throughout your life. In such cases, better treatment or therapy is required.

Does Buttock Pain Go Away Forever?

In certain situations when the injury to the muscles and nerves in the buttocks is minor, we can treat it such that it won’t come back again. But if the situation is not this, there is no guarantee that it won’t come back. The better way is to maintain a good posture when you are working and take a walk often to change the posture. Use a comfortable seat that is not hard. Stretch your bones and muscles often and practice exercises. Obesity may be another reason and it’s better to lose weight.

Is Sitting Too Much A Cause Of Buttock Pain?

Yes, of course sitting for a long time can cause buttock pain. You might have noticed while driving or working by sitting for a long time, numbness or pain in the buttocks. It is because of the injury caused to the nerves and muscles in the buttocks region. It is better to avoid prolonged sitting, especially the people who are already a victim of buttock pain.

When To See A Doctor?

When the pain is spread in or around the anus, there is a chance of infection or internal damage. Just stretching and exercise won’t work in this condition. So it’s time for you to seek the advice of doctors. They might prescribe antibiotics, spinal injections, or other better treatments for you to relieve the pain.


Several treatments are provided to get rid of this buttock pain and are discussed here.

Buttock Pain Treatment-Medication


  • Antibiotics – Antibiotics are used if the pain is due to bacterial infections.
  • Spinal injection – Spinal injections are given to relieve chronic pain.
  • Pain reliever – Pain relievers are prescribed if the pain is due to arthritis, sciatica, etc.
  • Surgery – Surgery is suggested if the pain is due to some herniation or inflammation.
Buttock Pain Treatment-Devices


Several cushions are now available in the market that is affordable and have the ability to relieve buttock pain. You can use a flat cushion, cushions with coccyx cutouts, and wedge cushions to get relief from buttock pain. This supports your back and protects it from external pressure. Wedge cushions lift your hips to prevent the pressure on the hips and the coccyx cushion prevents pressure exerted on your coccyx. 

Foam cushions and gel cushions are also available to support your buttock and keep you cool throughout the day. Several electronic massagers are also available to relieve buttocks pain.

Buttock Pain Treatment-Exercises


There are several stretching exercises that give you relief from buttock pain. Some of them are:

  • Knee to chest stretch
  • Piriformis stretch
  • Hamstring stretch
  • Bird dog stretch
  • Sitting rotation stretch

            When your pain relieves, stick on to certain muscle strengthening exercises such as aerobics in order to reduce the chance of future back pains.

Buttock Pain Treatment - Diet


Changing your diet is another way to get relief from buttocks pain. You must have fruits and vegetables rich in fiber to prevent constipation. You must add fresh pineapples to your diet which are anti-inflammatory. You must have food rich in vitamin B that are nuts, spinach, banana, green peas, etc. You must also include dairy products, leafy vegetables, eggs, etc in your diet. Citrus fruits and tomatoes are also suggested.  

Buttock Pain Treatment - Oinment


You can apply certain ointments containing pain relievers. You can also apply ointments that relieve the inflammation.

Buttock Pain Treatment - Home Remedies

Home remedies

When the pain is mild you can use home remedies to get relief

  • Stay active – It is said that staying active is the best way to prevent buttocks pain by sitting for a long time. It is better to take a walk and stretch your body.
  • Applying hot or cold packs – Applying heat or cold therapy reduces the swelling and inflammation in the buttocks area.


Buttock pain is annoying but almost everyone ignores it since the pain is mild. But, when given less attention it may lead to several other complications.

The best way to prevent it is to be active by always stretching your muscles and performing mild exercises which strengthen your muscles. Also, eat a balanced diet. Even if all these are not helping you, it is better to seek the advice of a doctor.

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