Smartphone Apps Fall Short For Back Pain: Research

Smartphone Apps Fall Short For Back Pain

Nowadays people tend to be busy techie bees, many of whom are engaged with various sectors, such as I.T junkies, databases, e-commerce consultants, web developers, and so on.  Even though it seems those aforementioned jobs to be the most relaxing jobs,  in actual sense it is not. 

As far as we can understand the truth is that tension and anxiety issues are increasing with these comfortable positions, now the public may claim to introduce an app that is now an urgent and wanted escort to overcome stress. Besides entertaining and commercial apps, there are plenty of applications for medical purposes in our smartphone play stores.

What Should I Know About Back Pain? How Apps Work For It?

Generally as said without any pathoanatomical causes people get surrendered for Lower Back pain issues. Initially, it exhibits the properties of non-specific Lower back pain, and then gradually it gets stiff and worsens throughout. It is really hard to believe that a scarcity of apps does exist that aids people to overcome back pain issues. In certain ways, it is difficult to find apps that exactly direct the remedy of Lower Back Pain troubles.  

Smartphone Apps Fall Short For Back Pain

Surprisingly enough there are very few apps that delineate the effects of stress-causing factors in people. However, what individuals suffering from LBP want is an ideal software that relieves the worsened effect of LBP.

It is also good to introduce objective questions for the app installers to answer and should categorize them by age, sex, chronic condition, and so on. Further, this application should be able to find a perfect remedy for those victims. There are apps addressed differently for lower back pain but Unfortunately, perfect software for LBP are only a few now.

Self Manageable Softwares

It is high time to activate more software similar to mHealth and Kaia App, where the experts suggest proper medical advice for lower back pain. Intervention messages or alerts to the users of the application will help them to remember some sort of exercise that may lessen the approach of chronic Lower back pain troubles.

Reminders such as advising them to quickly lap around their short area between their work tasks will allow their spinal injuries to a certain limit. People usually access purposeful apps which visually appeal, including digital interventions, and easily manageable navigators to access their needs. Software packages for reducing LBP should have the aptitude to produce practical and logical therapeutic information for the needy. Therapists should be available through that app facility for the needy who are located anywhere on the globe.

Alongside LBP Concomitant treatments, stress-relieving measures should be available to reduce psychological issues with physical incapacities. Kaia app could be considered as one of the best apps which are concentrated on people who ache from lower back pain glitches. Kaia App can be well thought-out as a successful one that ambulated an app for lower back pain sufferings and in succeeding trust of those suffering ones.

They had several pacifying methods to lower back pain problems such as

·Probationary technique


·Jumbled sessions

· Study on General public

They also suggested Functional and Behavioral measures for the sufferers to mollify strains of back pain problems.  


It is necessary to consider the ailments which the world confronts every day. To find self-preventive measures, they need medical experts or medical advice to allow them to undergo short activities which are practical in a remote area through micro medical software.

At the same time, rendering multidisciplinary pain treatment can be introduced in schools and even in multinational companies as a one-hour program to overcome physio- psychological ailments. Cognitive medical apps should deliberately provide interventional suggestions to the app installers to survive the disparity in their health condition.

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Dr. Edward Zelman

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