Various Exercises To Relieve The Pain Of Sacroiliac Joint!

Various Exercises To Relieve The Pain Of Sacroiliac Joints

Back pain is a very common problem. Approximately, 65 million people – 8 percent of all adults experience severe back pain. Back pain is a threat to the country as it affects the number of workdays and works quality. Among these, 15 to 30 percent are caused by problems with the Sacroiliac or SI joint. 

Sacroiliac Joint: What It Is And How To Relieve It?

The sacroiliac joint is a very important joint that connects the pelvis and lower spine. They are made up of the bony structure above the tailbone, below the lower vertebrate, and the top part of the pelvis.

Various Exercises To Relieve The Pain Of Sacroiliac Joint

You can see two sacroiliac joints on both sides of the human body. 

How to identify sacroiliac joint pain?

Since several reasons can cause back pain and it is very common, it is not easy to distinguish between sacroiliac joint pains from other back pains. The pain starts in the lower back and buttock radiates to the lower hip, groin, or upper thigh. Usually, the pain occurs on one side. But it is not rare to have on both sides. It is sharp and stabbing pain. Numbness or tingling in the legs, a feeling of weakness in the legs, severe pain when suddenly standing up from a sitting position, burning sensation in the pelvis, buckling feels on the legs as if legs are not supporting your body are other notable symptoms of sacroiliac joint pains. 

What are the causes?

There are several causes for sacroiliac joint pain. Day-to-day activities that cause stress on the Sacroiliac joint result in the wearing down cartilage present. This may lead to osteoarthritis, which is counted as an important reason for this pain. Aging can also cause osteoarthritis. Inflammations, gout, and any type of injuries can create the same situation. During and after pregnancy is very common among women. 

Can I treat my Sacroiliac joint pain? 

Before your back pain gets harder and spoils the balance of your life, it is better to consult an experienced doctor and know his opinion. There are treatments available for sacroiliac joint pain. A doctor can suggest to you the best suitable diagnostic method and treatment plan. Apart from medication, physiotherapy, yoga and a gentle massage by an expert can ease the pain. To cure severe stabbing pain, we can also use a hot water bag. Sacroiliac joint support belts are available in the market and they are also good in easing the pain. Doctors advise surgeries as the final method for recovering from sacroiliac joint pains.

Exercises and sacroiliac joint pain

Sacroiliac joint pain is a result of weak, worn down, and unstable sacroiliac joint. Then we should do exercises that can strengthen, stabilize and maintain and repair the joint. There are stretching exercises and some light aerobic exercises popular, accepted, and recommended by health experts. Here are a few exercises that are worthy for your sacroiliac joints. 

Stretch your knee

This is a very simple exercise that everyone can do irrespective of their age and health condition. It is a wonderful starter for beginners too. Lie down on your back and relax. Then bring your knee towards the chest using one of your legs. You can stretch your legs as much as you can. Hold the position for one or two seconds. Place your foot back on the floor. Then switch to the other leg. The same procedure can be followed using both of your legs together. 

Stretch your knee
Twist yourself 

This stretching exercise can help stretch your spines and sacroiliac joint. The tension that can be created by stretching exercises is good for the proper alignment of your sacroiliac joints. Here you should begin lying down. Then bend your knees and lower them to one side of your body. Then repeat the same with the other side too. You should see the intensity of your pain while doing this.

Twist yourself 
Stretching – Triangular pose 

Stand with legs wide. Spread your arms and keep them straight. Now you are going to the toe of the opposite side. Right to left and then left to right. You will not change the straight-line position of your arm while doing this. Hold the stretch to each side for 10-20 seconds. 

Stretching - Triangular pose 
A band on knees

It is not a stretching exercise. It works based on the abduction of the body. Medically defined,’’ abduction is a movement towards from the mid-line of the body or from the central axis of a limb. The opposite, inward, movement is called ADDUCTION.’’ Choose a band of medium size, Lie on your back and bend your knees around 90 degrees. Wear the band around your knee. Push the knees apart and stretch the band. Repeat for a minimum of 10 times. Though it is not a stretching exercise, these movements are good to reduce stiffness muscles related to the Sacroiliac joint. 

A band on knees
Aerobic Exercises 

Aerobic exercises are always good for your well-being. It supports all health conditions. People with sacroiliac joint pains can also do aerobic exercises in a mild way as heavy manual kinds of exercises may worsen the situation. Aerobic exercises can strengthen the sacroiliac joint and muscles surrounded by it. It strengthens, stretches, and activates the muscles and joints. Light aerobic exercises such as swimming, stationary cycling, walking, and rowing will work for you. Along with taking care of your sacroiliac joints, it cares about the overall health too. 

Aerobic Exercises

Dos and Don’ts 

It is not good to sit for a long time if you have a problem with the sacroiliac joint. It adds to the stiffness and tightness. Get and move around for a while when you have to sit for a long time. Take a break from your sitting for at least an hour. 

Always have support for your back while sitting. Keeping your sit bones in contact with a chair with a cushion can help you with the safety of ligaments around the Sacroiliac joint. This can prevent you from pain. 

When there is severe pain you can apply ice and heat in an alternative way for 10 minutes each. It will increase blood circulation stimulates the area and thus relieve form the pain

The moment you started relating your symptoms with the Sacroiliac joint, start taking precautions. Do simple exercise regularly and regulate your body weight to a healthy BMI. 

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