How To Sit With QL Pain? All You Need To Know!

How To Sit With QL Pain

Are you also a person who is suffering from body pains? Do you want to know, How to sit with QL pain? Nowadays, body ache is a common problem.

Almost everyone complains about the pain in their body parts. Headache, joint pain, leg aches, backaches, etc.

It is not a very serious problem, however, if it causes severe pain frequently then consulting a doctor should be the first choice. 

Different Types Of QL Pain!

The most common is the Quadratus Lumborum pain, which is faced by all age groups. QL involves pain in the lower back of the body, and on both sides of the spine. Our daily work-life puts stress on the muscles of this part whether we are standing, sitting, or walking. 

In this article, we have covered information related to Quadratus Lumborum pain. It will help you to understand its meaning, causes, and treatment. So, let’s get started with the article. 

Types Of QL Pain

What Is Quadratus Lumborum Pain? 

Quadratus Lumborum is the muscle that is situated in the lower back of the body. The muscles are on both sides of the spine between the rib cage and pelvis.

While we walk, stand, or sit, this muscle gets the most stress due to which we face pain. QL is the major source of lower back pain. The pain is a common, dull ache but can be sharp at an occasional period. 

This pain is not limited to only one age group of people. QL pain can be suffered by almost every age group including kids, teens, young adults, middle age, and old age.

However, the reasons for the pain at every age may vary but it’s a common problem that we can face every day. Constant overworking or stress causes stress and weakens the muscle.

These repetitive movements and weak muscles can be the factors for the Quadratus Lumborum pain.QL becomes tight with constant movements that add extra stress to the muscle. 

This pain might start infrequently but can become worse with time. It is always advised to consult a doctor before it becomes severe. Most people prefer to take pain meds without consulting a doctor, that shouldn’t be done as it can harm our health in the long run. 

How Is QL Pain Caused?

Causes of Quadratus Lumborum pain are stress, overworking, strain, and overuse. The repetitive movements result in weak muscles. Poor postures such as bending, slouching, and leaning on sides cause stress to the muscle.

The muscles can become stiff and cause pain due to activities like sitting for a long period, slouching frequently, and standing continuously. The pain can also be sometimes felt when sneezing or coughing. These actions develop trigger points and cause pain in the muscle area when stimulated. 

Quadratus Lumborum pain can also be due to an injury. If there is an accident that has injured or affected the QL muscle, then it can cause severe and frequent pain in that area.

If the daily activities of bending, lifting, and twisting are done in an incorrect way that can result in stiffness and pain in the QL muscle. These can make the muscles weak and fatigued, which will cause difficulty to the whole lower back area. 

Sometimes, Quadratus Lumborum pain can be chronic, which means it can be long-lasting. Chronic pain can affect an individual’s lifestyle and health.

People should always be careful and try to avoid any injuries. These injuries and pain can become severe which might result in the worst-case scenarios. 

Diagnosing The QL Pain

If you are severely suffering from Quadratus Lumborum pain then you should consult a doctor immediately. Many people neglect these pains, reasoning they are common and happen due to daily stress and activities.

It might be due to overworking or stress but neglecting them for a longer period might make the pain worse. 

The doctor will help you to understand the root cause of the pain. He will inform you if there is any severe cause related to muscle pain. The doctor can ask for a physical examination and testing. Performing some physical activities to know the exact area of the pain.

The doctor can ask questions such as the place of hurt, any recent accidents, improper lifting, and time from when the pain has been going on to know the nature of the pain. Testing might include MRI and X-rays that can reveal an interior cause like a tumor or discs. 

After the check-up and tests, the doctor will inform you about the cause of your pain. The doctor will tell you about the treatment process for your problem. He might give some medications and advice on some regular exercises. Always go for a diagnosis for health issues rather than neglecting them.

How Can QL Pain Be Treated?

There are many methods for treating Quadratus Lumborum pain. However, it is advised to consult a doctor first and then follow their prescribed treatments.

The most basic method is to apply ice or heat to the affected area to decrease pain or inflammation. Doctors might also prescribe some medications to reduce the pain. 

There are various therapies provided by certified medical professionals to help ease the pain. The therapies include physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, chiropractic treatment, etc.

Trigger point injections are another option for treatment. These injections help to numb the affected area and reduce the pain. 

You need to do regular exercise with all the other treatments for getting fast relief and maintaining your health. Yoga and stretching will help to strengthen the muscle area.

Quadratus Lumborum issues can cause dysfunction and imbalance in the body. It can prompt pain in other areas of the body such as hip joints, abdomen, and thighs.  

Ensure to take care of your health and consult a doctor at an early stage to prevent severe health-related issues. The treatment might include a long process and routine.

However, maintaining a proper routine and following the treatment prescribed will help to heal this medical problem.

Preventing The QL Pain

Prevention of things is the best choice for avoiding the worst-case scenario. Body health is an important aspect of our life. Without proper functioning of the body, we won’t be able to do daily activities.

Pain is a common health cause faced by every individual. Learning the prevention process of these regular pain overcoming severe issues. 

Quadratus Lumborum pain can also be prevented with some daily maintenance. Always try to maintain your body fitness, shape, and strength. You can visit a medical therapist for relaxation of the body through massage and physical treatments. Make a routine for regular yoga and exercises.

Do exercises that will strengthen the muscle area and stretch the space between your pelvis and ribcage. Walking and jogging regularly are also helpful for better function of blood flow in the body. 

Always ensure to sustain a good posture while you are sitting, standing, or bending. While lifting heavy objects try to be careful and avoid incorrect bending of the body.

Take regular breaks while sitting to avoid stiffness. You can also use lumbar support pillows for comfort and ease. 

Try to be careful of your body movements and maintain a healthy routine to prevent QL pain. 

Can Lumbar Support Pillows Help?

Lumbar support pillows are a small prop that is used to maintain spinal alignment, better posture, and reduce back pain.

These support pillows make sitting comfortably by securing the spine curves. You should place the lumbar support pillows in the correct position.

An incorrect position will not help in comforting the pain. The pillow should be placed in the lumbar spine, above your pelvis area. However, the placement of these support pillows may differ from individual to individual. 

Now, the most important question is, “‘can lumbar pillows help in reducing back pain?”

Studies have found that the individuals using lumbar support pillows had experienced some relief from the back pain. However, it is not known whether the method is effective in the long term or not.

But they are beneficial for short-term relief. People shouldn’t rely on the lumbar support pillows.

They should maintain a proper health routine that includes yoga, stretching, and exercises. Simply use the pillow for relieving the pain for a short time and also maintain the daily health routine for better results. 


Suffering from body aches in this era is normal due to our hectic life routine.

The constant sitting and standing cause an imbalance in the movement of the body. Quadratus Lumborum pain is another common pain that occurs in almost every age group.

The pain can be treated by consulting a doctor.

Following and maintaining the prescribed treatment can help in reducing the pain. However, it doesn’t get worse in every situation. Sometimes it can be healed at home.

But if the pain doesn’t reduce with time, then visiting a  doctor is the best preferred option.

We hope this article helped you to get a better understanding of the Quadratus Lumborum pain. If you are suffering from this issue then consult a doctor immediately to get an early cure.

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