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Meet Dr. Edward Zelman:
The Man Behind PainPathways

Dr. Edward Zelman started PainPathways to help people with chronic pain live a healthier life. The blog provides accurate information on pain management and empowers individuals to define their own path to wellness. It fosters community and collaboration among its readers and partners, making it a valuable resource for anyone seeking support and guidance.


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Advocacy—Creating a Pain Awareness Event

PainPathways MagazineSep 11, 20145 min read

Over 100 million Americans live with chronic pain, and advocates are key to educating others about pain-related issues. In the previous issue, we outlined ten ways to advocate, but one of the best ways to harness the power of advocacy…

Barby Ingle on CRPS

Barby Ingle on CRPS

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By definition, cheerleaders are enthusiastic supporters, passionate about their teams and eager to inspire others to action. But when Barby Ingle began battling chronic pain caused by a medical condition, injuries and then complex regional…

Preventing and Recovering from … Overdoing It!

Preventing and Recovering from … Overdoing It!

PainPathways MagazineAug 12, 20144 min read

It’s easy to do. You attend a friend’s wedding, visit your sister or simply play with your grandchildren. You’re having a good time but the next thing you know your…

Play An Active Role in Your Healthcare Through Clinical Trials

Play An Active Role in Your Healthcare Through Clinical Trials

PainPathways MagazineJul 30, 20143 min read

Never thought about participating in clinical trials? This might change your perspective. Those afflicted with pain or an illness often have a feeling of helplessness – especially if treatments for their condition…


Chronic Pelvic Pain

PainPathways MagazineJul 21, 201411 min read

Robert Echenberg, MD, FACOG, an expert in chronic pelvic pain (CPP), wants us — all of us — to feel comfortable talking about a topic that’s often considered taboo. He says even…