Pain-Free Clothing For Pain Sufferers

What does pain-free clothing mean if you suffer from fibromyalgia, CRPS/RSD, or another condition that makes getting dressed a painful experience? If your shirts drive you crazy, shoes hurt your feet or pants always feel tight, read on to see what you can do. (Be sure you get to the end…we have a surprise waiting for you.)

Recently, we asked our Facebook fans about which clothes and brands they find most comfortable, and there were many helpful ideas worth sharing. While there may not be completely pain-free clothing, there are ways to be more comfortable.

Nine Ways to Dress More Comfortably

  1. Purchase clothing at thrift and consignment stores where many of the clothes are already worn and broken in.
  2. Tailor clothes to fit you the way you want.
  3. Try thigh-highs instead of pantyhose. They keep your legs looking nice without pinching your mid-section.
  4. Go low with bikini briefs and low-rise pants that sit on your hips instead of your waist. If you feel exposed, wear a long shirt to cover your midsection.
  5. Consider maternity clothes, especially pants, and skirts that sit under your stomach and provide a more comfortable option.
  6. Look for a drawstring instead of an elastic waistband. Since it’s adjustable it will provide more comfort and can easily be expanded.
  7. Ditch underwire bras and try soft-cup bras with wide shoulder straps.
  8. Experiment with different brands of sports bras, bralettes, or bandeaus to find more comfortable alternatives to traditional bras.
  9. Search for “sensitive foot socks” online and in specialty stores. They may provide more comfort than regular socks. If your socks squeeze your foot and ankle, try different lengths and thicknesses to find the right socks for you.

Brands Our Facebook Fans Recommend

  • Soul Flower “Their clothes feel so soft and lightweight. Great for my sensitive skin.”
  • Alfani sleepwear “Love the smooth texture and great to sleep in.”
  • Soft Surroundings clothes “They have a cloud rating system to tell you how soft things are.”
  • Soma sleepwear “Their fabric is so soft, lightweight, and stretchy”
  • Gap loungewear “Love to wear in public. It’s so comfortable, like PJs.”
  • H&M socks “I wear them all the time in the house with no shoes, since they are inexpensive I can buy lots of them.”
  • UGG boots “I wear them 24/7. They are the only shoes I can put my foot inside without pain.”

A Clothing Brand Dedicated to Softness

We reached out to Soft Surroundings to learn more about a brand dedicated to soft, comforting clothes. Their goal is to provide flattering clothes that are also extremely comfortable. From so soft to heavenly soft to ultimate softness, all fabrics are rated for softness – guaranteed! Plus, the fabrics are made and the apparel and bedding are designed at their headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri giving Soft Surroundings complete control of quality and fit.

“Our clothing is designed with our customer’s comfort AND style in mind. We want to provide her with options to express herself, look terrific, and feel really great in her clothes – all at the same time. I took the inspiration for many of our fabrics from baby clothes – nothing is softer or more comforting.” – Robin Sheldon, President and Founder of Soft Surroundings

Although their clothes are for all women who want to look and feel good, they are a perfect fit for women living with Fibromyalgia and other pain conditions. The company receives letters from Fibro sufferers thanking them for their comfortable clothes including this one from Darcy.

Want a chance to win a Lazy Day Lounger from Soft Surroundings? Leave a reply on this article or your own pain-free clothing experience in the comments below, and we’ll choose one lucky winner on October 10th!

And the WINNER is Lori Whalen. Lori, we will be sending you a Lazy Day Lounger. We hope it provides you with much-needed comfort. Thanks to everyone who commented and shared their personal stories and suggestions.

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