Toenail Falling Off: What To Do? Things To Note!

Toenail Falling Off What to Do

An ingrown toenail is a common condition that we see. Pain and discomfort are all due to this. It is usually caused by an infection or else. Not only that but many chemicals and drugs that we use are also a cause. We know that if a nail falls out, it will not grow back any time soon.

How To Manage Toenail Falling Off?

And it will take a little more time. No matter what happens, there are a few things that we can do. Here are some tips like that. Do not try to remove that nail if the nail is still there, it is more likely to hit the clothes and make things worse.

How To Manage Toenail Falling Off

Do not forget to keep your toes clean and to use antibiotics. Be sure to consult a doctor if you notice any additional symptoms more than that.

Reasons And How To Treat?

There are many reasons for having an ingrown toenail. A few minor injuries are enough to cause this to happen. Injuries may occur due to any accident or any other reason. Blood clots can form on the sides of the nails, which can worsen the condition later.

We have many ways to prevent up to 90% of these conditions at home.  Soak the foot in cool water for 20 minutes and then clean it and use an antibiotic. Fungal growth can also cause the shedding of these toenails. Once this type of fungus etc. is introduced, it takes time for people suffering from diseases like diabetes to recover.

It also occurs due to reduced blood flow. Treating these with medication can help in new nail growth. Air-tight shoes, dry feet, and not keeping nails clean are also increasing the risk of falling the toenails. 

Nail growth is something that happens very slowly. It takes 18 months to grow completely. The main reason we have all these conditions is a lack of cleanliness.

If such a situation occurs, it is advisable to consult a doctor. Nail growth varies from person to person. Apart from this fungal accident, many other possibilities are seen behind this. There is no doubt that if we get used to eating foods that contain the necessary elements for the body, we can avoid diseases that affect us to some extent. 

One of the things that we should first investigate and find out is why the toenail is messed up. In any case, it is always good to know the reason why they happen.

There are a lot of things behind this. Not everyone has the same reason for falling toenails. It is seen like this due to a lack of sufficient vitamins, protein, etc. in the body after injury, or due to some other reason. It is advisable to soak your feet in cool, clean water for at least 20 minutes daily.

Due To Fungus

Different types of fungi can also affect the nail. Falling of toenails can come even so. Dermatophytes are one of the most common types.

Infections caused by fungi can also affect our bodies fatally. It is always good for the feet to wear breathable sandals or shoes, keep the feet dry and change the soaks used daily. A bandage can also be used to prevent if there is any infection on the nails. 


Toenail issues are usually seen due to the above-mentioned reasons. Black toenails, green toenails, and blue shades are common toenails. Among these, blue and green are very rare cases. White spots on the nails are also something that is regularly seen.

Nails are made of the same protein like keratin, that makes up hair and skin. This keratin also helps in nail strength. There are many reasons behind the discoloration of the nails. Dye and nail polish are often the cause. 

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