Tips For Cleaning Your Home When You Have Chronic Pain

Tips For Cleaning Your Home When You Have Chronic Pain

‘’Cleaning and organizing is a practice, not a project’’

We all wanted to live in peace and harmony. The first step is always healthy surroundings. We consider cleaning the house as the most important household chore, sometimes the most sophisticated too. A dust particle on the windowpane or a stained floor reduces your reputation too. We all enjoy cleaning our own homes. When there is chronic pain, and we are sick this can be the most threatening burden. 

A well-organized house and well-planned cleaning methods can help you here. Knowing all the innovations in cleaning-related products and small tips can keep you happy while cleaning even when you are suffering from chronic pain. 

Cleaning The House Can Be A Challenge When You’re In Pain

Here are a few challenges you may face in keeping the house clean when you have chronic pain. 

  • Heavy vacuum cleaner 
  • Difficulty to reach kitchen racks
  • Cleaning the bathroom floor and bathtub
  • Organizing the furniture and other stuff
  • Keeping the floor clean – a fight with mop and bucket 
  • Picking the toys that were scattered all over the house
  • Cleaning the stove
  • Cleaning the pots
Tips For Cleaning When You Have Chronic Pain

The list actually doesn’t have an end. It continues and varies from person to person or house to house. 

Be a better organizer 

A well-organized house can reduce the cleaning up the mess. Here are a few tips.

  1. The minimum number of furniture and home decor items can reduce the burden. Be practical while selecting home decor items and choose the types that are easy to handle. It is always better to have less stuff that you are using on a regular basis. Everyday usage can prevent it from setting down the dust particles. 
  2. Rough cleaning of your bathroom after every shower or usage can make the weekly tidying up easy. 
  3. Train the whole family to distinguish between shoes that you wear outside and inside and make the floor cleaning easy. 
  4. Clean the area or surface that is used immediately after each use and never allow them to pile up. It can be a Kitchen rack, floor, dining area or study table. Train the whole family to do the same. 
  5. Try to have maximum storage space in your interior and plan an exact place for everything that you have.  Let the whole family be aware of the homes for each of their possessions and train all the family members to return the things after every single use. 
  6. Make children responsible for arranging and organizing their stuff. Never allow them to scatter toys. 
  7. Have a timetable – When you have chronic pain, it is impossible to do the whole cleaning within a day. One-day cleaning concept can go to everyday cleaning. Plan your cleaning week well in advance. For example, Monday for washing the stuff like curtains, bed sheets, etc., Tuesday for bathroom, Wednesday for kitchen… Remember to have a day without a cleaning job too. 

What to avoid? 

We know that a clean house is a necessity just like air and food. But we have to completely avoid cleaning up activities when our body is ready for it. Especially immediately after surgery, if you have a feeling of fainting or dizziness, balance issues and you may fall after that. It is better to avoid lifting heavy things if you are suffering from a disc problem or your doctor said so. When you have chronic pain, it is better to avoid repetitive bending and twisting of your body, standing for long hours, and moving or lifting heavy things as these activities can worsen the pain that you have. 

Always keep in your mind that HEALTH is the main priority. 

Tips for you

  • When it comes to cleaning, we can categorize them as per the importance. You can prioritize the most important to the least important. Try to do the most important one at the beginning of your cleaning schedule. You can continue with the least important ones only if your health permits. 
  • The modern-day market is wide and it provides innovative products as per the need of the customers. There are stunning cleaning products available these days. Do some research and get what you want. It is time for you to get rid of the traditional mop and broom as there are vacuums made floor hard floors. 
  • Bathroom floors and tubs are the areas that demand us a great effort. Here dividing them into portions and cleaning them will give you an easy feel. There are high-quality solutions available that break down grime as it sits. Then we don’t have to scrub hard and spend long hours in the bathroom. 
  • Boredom and lost feel can pull you down while doing the cleaning chores especially when you are sick or suffering from chronic pain. Music is a mind refreshing agent here. Your favorite tracks or instrumental can keep you awake till you finish. 
  • It is time to get rid of traditional heavy vacuum cleaners that will add to your back pain. There are light weighted high performing vacuum cleaners available. Grab it and find yourself comfortable. 
  • Pots and pans are very difficult at times. They test your patience. Fill the pot or pan with water and heat it. The food particle softens up and then it is easy to clean it. Fill the pot or pan with water immediately after cooking. Clean those after your meals will also cause the softening up of food particles stuck in the pot or pan. 

Cleaning up is part of your life. You cannot enjoy your life if you are living for that. If you are in severe pain and you are not even able to move, take a break. Avoid the lost feel and frustration. Do whatever you like. Relax. Engage yourself in meditation and have a lot of family time. Always believe that you will feel better the next day and we will complete all the tasks too.



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