Does CBD Oil Expire? Will It Cause Any Damage To Your Body?

Does CBD Oil Expire

CBD oil or cannabidiol oil is a widely known natural remedy used for many types of pains and other ailings. It is used pain reliever and also used to reduce the symptoms related to several mental health disorders.

What Are The Uses Of CBD Oil?

CBD oil can also be used to cure some neurological disorders like epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, etc. But everyone will be having a doubt regarding the expiry of CBD oil. Will it expires? How long it can be used and what factors affect its shelf life? 

The answer to the first question is yes, like all the other natural products, CBD oils also will get expired.

As these products are in high demand and are expensive, you must have a thorough knowledge regarding the shelf life of this product and also the factors that affect its life.

The rest of your questions will be answered after reading this article.

Uses Of CBD Oil

Factors That Affect The Shelf Life Of CBD Oil

Normally the CBD oil expires after 12 to 18 months from it is extracted. Even though using expired CBD oil does not harm you, it does not produce the result as expected as it loses its potential. The expiry period may get reduced due to several factors. How long CBD oil lasts depends mainly on the following factors.

  1. Extraction Of CBD Oil

CBD oil is made by extracting cannabidiol contents from flowers, leaves, roots, and stems of the Cannabis Sativa plant. The longevity of CBD oil depends on the method by which the CBD oil is extracted.

There are many ways by which it can be extracted such as pressurized liquid extraction, CO2 extraction, non-thermal electric field and enzyme assisted extraction, steam extraction, ethanol extraction, etc. out of which the CO2 extraction and steam extraction method are considered the best method to improve the shelf life of CBD oils.

The CBD oil extracted using this method is found to be cleaner and chemically stable. The solvent extraction or liquid extraction method is the worst method as it produces toxic byproducts that adversely affect the longevity and quality of CBD oil.

  1. Ingredients Of CBD Oil

The ingredients of CBD oil affect the shelf life of the product. Each ingredient used in CBD oil has its own expiry period which affects the overall shelf life of the product especially, the additionally added ingredients which give the flavor to the oil.

So the ingredient with the shortest shelf life determines the expiry period of the CBD oil. Like, if the carrier oil used in the product has a shelf life of one year, the product will last for one year without spoiling and if the additives added for flavoring has a shelf life of 10 months, then the CBD oil lasts for exactly 10 months.

So always see for the ingredients and the certificate of analysis (COA) to know when it expires, before purchasing.

  1. Quality Of CBD Oil

The quality of the product depends on its longevity and high-quality products last longer. And the quality refers to the quality of their growing condition, the quality of plants from which the product is extracted, and the quality of extra added ingredients.

The CBD oil extracted from premium quality organic flowers is considered high quality and has longer shelf life than those extracted from the flower that has been harvested in the previous season. You can check for the premium quality if it contains extra added ingredients like vitamins, terpenes, essential oils, etc.

The quality of growing conditions also affects longevity. If the soil where it is grown is contaminated with heavy metals and spraying pesticides, the plant will absorb it and transfer it to the oil. So the long-lasting high-quality CBD oil is extracted from organic hemp that is grown in clean and nutrient-rich soil.

  1. Type Of CBD

There are different type of CBD extracts that affects the shelf life of CBD oils. Full-spectrum, half-spectrum, and isolates are the main kind of CBD extracts.

Full-spectrum CBD extracts are the least processed form since it contains other ingredients like plant wax and essential oils, which reduces the shelf life of the CBD oil.

Half-spectrum CBD extracts are very similar to full-spectrum except for it does not contain the THC, even though it does not affect the shelf life of the product. While the isolates extract contains pure CBD which makes it easy to predict the longevity of the product. However, the isolated CBD extract lasts longer than the whole-plant extract.

  1. Vendors Of The Product

As the demand for CBD oil increases, there are fake companies that manufacture poor-quality CBD oil in the name of premium quality without any lab test. Those products may contain additives that badly affect the shelf life of CBD oil.

So always try to purchase it from a well-established reputed brand that uses only the organic ingredients and does not use those ingredients that hinters the shelf life of the product. Apart from purchasing it through their online sites, you can purchase it locally through cannabis dispensaries and specialty store that really knows what they are selling.

  1. Packaging And Storage

Packaging and storage also affect the longevity of CBD oil. The CBD oil will degrade fast when exposed to light and air and last longer when packed in a dark-colored, airtight container. So if you want your CBD oil to last longer, ensure it comes in an airtight container fitted with an applicator.

Usually, it comes in a thick glass container to protect it from harsh weather with intense heat or humidity. Also, it is packed in amber bottles because the amber color prevents the harmful UV rays from entering.

Even if you bought the best product from the best market and you don’t store it properly results in the quick degradation of the CBD oil.

So always store it in a cool, dark place that is out of the reach of children and animals. Also, ensure that you close it tightly after each use. Providing better conditions for the product will help to maintain its potency and freshness for a long period.

How To Know If CBD Oil Is Expired?

The most frequent way to check the expiry is by seeing the expiry date mentioned on the bottle. But if you further doubt the longevity of the product in the case the label is faded, you can check for the following signs.

  • Tastes Different

Usually, CBD oil without artificial ingredients has a nutty, grassy, and earthy taste. If you feel a different taste than usual, it is time to throw away the bottle and purchase a new one.

  • Smell Is Off

The CBD oil normally has a pleasant earthy and grassy aroma as it is extracted from organic products. But if it changes to a skunky, funky, and unpleasant smell, the ingredients used in it might have expired, and don’t use it.

  • Changes The Color

You will find a change in color if the CBD oil tends to degrade. The pure CBD oil is light or dark golden in color as the natural green color (chlorophyll) is removed by the CO2 extraction method and it keeps on changing color when it tends to expire.

It appears pink or purple when exposed to light and oxygen. It turns brown or black when some chemical reaction is undergone.

It also appears green when extracted using the ethanol extraction method, where the chlorophyll is not removed.

  • Murky Consistency 

The consistency of the CBD oil changes when it is near expiry and it either becomes thicker or thinner than the actual consistency. It also becomes murky due to the degradation of the ingredients.

If the product is new and appears to be cloudy and viscous, don’t doubt the product, it might be due to the placing of oil in a cold room or refrigerator and it will come back to its normal consistency when kept at room temperature for some time. If not it may be a sign of degradation.


CBD oil is a natural remedy extracted from organic plants which are used for many ailments. As it has more benefits and is in high demand, they are expensive.

So in order to prevent the wastage of money, it is necessary to closely watch the details regarding the expiry of CBD oils.

Moreover, providing all the essential conditions for the CBD oil will help in maintaining its potential and longevity, in turn, you will be able to experience a bottle completely without wastage.

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