Electronic Cigarettes vs. Vape CBD: Which One Is Better To Use?

Electronic Cigarettes vs. Vape CBD

We all have heard about cigarettes. In simple words, it is a basic roll of dried tobacco. But what about electronic cigarettes? And what exactly is vaping?

Vaping And Electronic Cigarettes

An electronic cigarette is a specialized device that recreates the cigarette smoking effect. However, unlike normal cigarettes that smoke, e-cigarettes use vaping.

Hence, an e-cigarette is also a vaping device. Typically in an electric cigarette, we find a flavored solution of Nicotine instead of tobacco.

However, several other solutions can be used instead of Nicotine in vaping devices. What is CBD, you ask?

CBD is another such solution, called cannabidiol, a variant of cannabis.

Vaping And Electronic Cigarettes

We know what you are thinking. Are e-cigarettes and vaping devices not harmful since they do not contain tobacco?

The answer is yes and no. An electronic cigarette or a vaping device is less harmful than normal cigarettes.

Your traditional cigarette smokes contain more toxins than the aerosol vapors of vaping devices.

However, studies have found harmful toxins in these vapors as well. Furthermore, the highly addictive substances used in these devices make them worse.

E-Liquids And CBD

The various solutions used in vaping devices like e-cigarettes are called e-liquids. However, you will not get any proper ingredient list labeled in the solution bottles.

Most e-cigarettes contain Nicotine. It is the most common fluid, along with propylene glycerol and several other flavoring agents.

Another essential e-liquid that is growing in popularity is CBD(Cannabidiol). This is a compound found in marijuana and is derived from hemp leaves.

E-Liquids And CBD

When compared to Nicotine, studies have revealed that CBD aerosol has more amounts of toxic substances that are adverse to human health than Nicotine.

It causes more lung inflammatory diseases and severe lung and bronchi damage. Let us delve deep into E-cigarettes and vaping CBDs

Are There Any Potential Health Benefits Of CBD?

CBD vape oil is becoming increasingly popular in the industry due to its lower price and apparent health benefits. The fact that it has fewer adverse effects than Nicotine makes it an option highly opted for.

Studies are underway to determine CBD’s potential health benefits over Nicotine. However, listed below are some prevalent health benefits of using CBD.

● Some of these studies show that CBD oil has painkiller effects. It helps reduce pain and acts as a mild anesthetic, primarily like painkiller medications.

● It has antidepressant effects, helps reduce anxiety and stress, and promotes better and deeper sleep schedules.

● It is better than Nicotine when it comes to health effects. While Nicotine filled e-cigarettes act like substitutes for the original cigarettes, Vaping CBD sometimes is used to overcome the smoking habit.

Adverse Effects Of Vaping CBD vs. Nicotine

The latest research work on the acute inhalation of CBD in the bloodstream brought out significant results. Experiments made on both mice and human cells showed shocking results.

● Increased inhalation of cannabidiol caused or increased the chances of focal lesions.

● The rate of lung inflammation and oxidative stress increased manifold.

● Furthermore, the protective neutrophils, specialized white blood cells, present in the lungs were killed by CBDs. This rate of dying lung neutrophils was much higher than vaping Nicotine. 

Hence, this increases the pathogenic activity in the lungs and risks the occurrence of inflammation. This might ultimately lead to lung injury.

Adverse Effects Of Vaping CBD vs. Nicotine

CBD has acquired a reputation in today’s market. It acts as a safe and healthy option. Hence, some amounts of CBD are also found in body oils and coffee.

However, it carries the various risks of heating up and smoking CBD.

Other than lung injury, it also endangers the liver and the male reproductive system and has several potentially harmful side effects.

Furthermore, CBD is not approved by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), which further adds to the problem.

Who Is More Prone To CBD Poisoning?

Teenagers are extremely exposed and vulnerable to Vaping items.

This and the fact that their developing lungs are more exposed to toxic substances that might result in long-term harm to their bodies make them the primary target of the negative effects of CBD vapes.

Additionally, vapes should specifically be discouraged for those with cardiovascular or respiratory conditions, including asthma or heart disease.

Significant health hazards associated with vaping CBD or Nicotine include lung and organ damage, respiratory problems, addiction, and more.

Although it is promoted as a “safer” alternative to smoking, vaping is not a secure activity.

Wrapping Up…

Vaping is promoted as an alternative to or a way to quit smoking. However, the harmful effects of Vaping cannot be overlooked.

Be it Nicotine or CBD, whenever these substances are heated up, they become potentially dangerous to our health.

Even other ingredients like Propylene glycerol and other chemicals can harm your body and its major organs.

Hence, it is up to you to maintain your health by being self-conscious and taking relevant measures.

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