Turmeric For Pain Relief – Benefits & Uses Of Golden Spice!

Turmeric For Pain Relief

Before massive medical advancements, people used various natural plant-based products for medicinal and eating purposes.

And a few have stayed with us for over a thousand years. Among these, one particular plant has been a showstopper from the beginning till now! 

Any guesses? Well, we are talking about the golden spice, a.k.a turmeric.

Being a part of many cultures, religions, and regions, this old but gold spice has served humanity in many ways.

Let it be a one-shop-stop spice, an excellent ingredient to your skincare treatment, to keep your body healthy, or to be considered auspicious according to many cultures; there’s no end if we start talking about this particular spice. 

But today, we will particularly focus on one thing, which is the relationship between turmeric and pain relief.

Apart from the various benefits of turmeric, we will be talking about how beneficial turmeric is for pain relief. 

But first, let’s find out how our golden spice is so beneficial! 

How And Why Is Turmeric So Beneficial?

Though we all know about this spice and have been using it generation after generation, recently, science has provided us with many studies claiming turmeric is one of the miracle flowering plants offering ample medicinal benefits.

We all know that, but don’t you want to know how it is so beneficial? 

So the answer to this is Curcumin! Please do not think this to be any other spice or something, but this is something that scientists have found in turmeric.

Is Turmeric So Beneficial

Turmeric consists of many beneficial compounds known as curcuminoids(these give turmeric its miraculous abilities); one is the big cheese, a.k.a, Curcumin. 

Curcumin is turmeric’s primary and most active compound, enriched with antioxidants and dominant anti-inflammatory effects.

Compared to other compounds present in turmeric, Curcumin, the dominant one, gives turmeric bright orangish yellow colors and makes turmeric: 

The Biotic compound with therapeutic properties 
Enriched with antioxidants 
Has anti-inflammatory effects
Boosts BDNF ( Brain-derived neurotrophic factor)
Lowers the risks of heart disease
Helps you avoid cancer
Also beneficial for mental conditions like depression and so on

A little spice but so much in it, astonishing, isn’t it? 

How Can Turmeric Be Used for Pain Relief? 

Nowadays, so many people suffer from joint pain, muscle pain, and other joint-related issues. Not only our elders but also youngsters too suffer from this kind of problem.

Can Turmeric Be Used for Pain Relief

Let it be patients or people with occasional pain, painkillers or anti-inflammatory medicines are good only for the short term.

Long-term usage of such medicines can be dangerous as they may cause side effects. 

So what’s the safe way to heal your pain? Well, turmeric. As we said previously, this miraculous root of a flowering plant could give you pain relief and offer you other benefits. 

Once your start using turmeric in your diet, you will get relief from the following:

Back pain
TMJ Disorder
Chronic pain 
Knee pain
Neuropathy, and so on

Even kids or anybody who gets a sprain can treat it with turmeric.

All you have to do is make a turmeric pack and apply it to the area to speed up healing. Or you can consume it. 

Now let’s discuss how and how much to use turmeric. So firstly, you can both consume and apply turmeric.

There are no guidelines for applying turmeric until and unless it suits your skin. And about consuming, you can consume around 8 grams of turmeric per day.

But it varies from person to person on how much their body can take. Thus, staying on the lighter side, like 800-1000 mg, can be a wise option. 

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You can consume turmeric with your meals, or you can drink it by using it in your tea. Also, you can blend the turmeric in your smoothie or milk.

And if you want to have it raw, the best way is to chew it and consume it with warm water every day in the morning empty stomach. 

Bottom Line 

Eating healthy and staying active is the best way to stay fit and away from any physical pain.

And when discussing eating healthy, including turmeric in your diet can be the healthiest thing you can do. So consume turmeric and say bye to pain in the long run. 

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Dr. Edward Zelman

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